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SERM. 9 Trittmpb of Faith · . BJ we are Strangers to Cbrifl and betieving. 2. The _Spirit of a redeemed one can hardly hate a redeemed one, or be bitter againft them; Chrift in one Saint, cannot be cruel tO Chtifl: in another Saint. 3· Chrift cannot lofe his Love, or caft it away, the l:;ove of Chrift is much for conquering Hearts; his Chariot is bottomed aj1d paved with I ove; Duties bottomed on Chrift's Love, are fpiritual ~ as the Father acoepteth not Duties~ 'but m Chrift, fo cannot we perform them arjght, when the principal and Fountain Caufe is not the Love of Chrift, :fohn 21. I 5· . Ufi 5· The Ancient ofDays, the Fat~erof Ages taketh a Stile from his new Houfe, The Son of Man, he bath an old Houfe, from whence he is named, 'Ihe Son of God ; he muft affetl: us; and his Delight be with the Sons of Men when he taketh a Natne from us : We .fhould affet1: him, and affeB: a Communion with him, and fltive to have Chrift's new Name, as he taketh our new Name, CJ'"he Son of Man, of Va·vid. . Art. 2. Son of David, have ..Mertj' on .me : ] The fecond Article of l)er Prayer is conceived tlll"'- der the lName of Mer~'Y· Why? God's Mercy is a fpiritual Favour: E>eliverance to her Daughter, is but a temporary Favour, that may befal a Reprobate: The Devil may be caft out-of the Daughter's Body, and not out of the Mother's SouL Yea, but to the Believer, all temporal Favours are ipi- ' ritualized, and watered with Merty. . 1. They are given as dipped in Chrift'$ Bowels -and· Mercy, w~art about the temporary Favour1 , · 111ark. I. 41. :fefus cured the Leper: B.ut how?- .tlefus, moved witli Compaffion, put forth hisjQrth. his Hand and touched him; So i~ the Bualding of F z.._ , tM