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S5 The.Trial and SER.M. 9 But Cot. 1. 18. there's a 7?/Jroma, a Fu!nefi in Chrift. But ' z. A Pan to pteroma Fulnefs, that Futne{s, t/iat att Fulnefs. And 3· That all Fulnefs i~ not in Chriit, as .a . Stranger in an Inn, coming in, and going out: Jlut it pleafed the Father that it jhoutd dwelt and rcmttin in him ; The Grace and Mercy that is in Chriil: muft be fought, and no other, upon thefe Grounds, 1. It's a fpecia.l choice Mercy that is in .Cbrift. For, I. No Perfon could ferve God's Ends in fuch a Way as Chrift did, being fo complete as he is. 2. God out of the Depth of his \Vifdom found out iuch a Mediator, and io graced; Jfaac fhould have been undutiful, if he had refufed a Wife of .his Father's ch::~o:fing, for both out of Love and much Wifdom he choofed her: Now when God out of .infinite Love and d~ep bath chofen to us an Hut: band, an Head, fuch a Head, filch a Captain and Leader in whom there is fl1ch Fulnefs, fhall we refufe him, and fhall we not feek the beft Thin~s in him? Now Chrift 1 is a Husband of God's • ~hoofing, !fa. 42. r. Jleho!d my 'chofim one in · ezvhom 1'JZY Soul detig·hteth, 2. 'Tis not from God that w~ no~v receiv~- Mercy immediately, but from Chrift, God in the Mediator, tho' Grace and Mercy he every 'W_ay free; yet .~o~ Mercy_ i• a Flower that groweth in our Land, m htm who ts our BloodFriend; io now we have Mercy by Nature, as well as by good vV iJl, we muft have it by an AB: of the- Man Chrifl:'s Will, and when our Writs are waxen olrl, why feek we not that which God liath laid by for us? Gr4ce is more connatura! to-u1f ...L • now, 'in that .jt is in the Bofom of our Hrotht?r, a.nd ours -by Derivation. 3· TherK a Difference b~tw~en Mer<:y and pun:ha_icd 1v1ercy, its paid for · ~1ercy