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SERM· 9 Triumph of Ftttth. 87 Mercy that we receive, and fo more excellent than Anget Mercy: As fome Waters that run through Mettals, have a more excellent Virtue than thole that fprin!' from pure Earth,; Mercy is io much the more d';firable, that 'tis a River i:ifuina through that m~t~e than golden :ind precious Redee~er; and' fo to us 'tis twice Mercy, to the Angels 'tis bot once Mercy: Even as the Bee gathers Sweetnefs out of various and divers Flowers ; yet 'tis fo cotnpofed, that the Liquor reiulting out of them all, bath not any particular ·Tafte from the fundry Flowers, the Violet, the Pink, the Rofe, the Woodbine, the Claver, but it tafte~ ofRoneyonly; fo we all hav~ in ·Chrift, Wife, Children, Houfes; Lands ; ·Honour to the Saints have not their own natural · ~'afte, but out dt all's in them a: fp,iri t•ual ~efultance of fome heavenly Compofure of Chrtit's Sweetnefs, and are io fprinkled, and dipt in Grace and Mercy, that as frefh Rivers rlo Qorrow a new Tafte from the Sea, when they flow into its Bofom, fo all earthly Favours borrow a new ~mell and Relifh from the Fountain Chrift: Whal' do they fay then, that teach that a Man may have ail Graces; yea, and Poverty of Spirit, and yet want Chrift? As if thefe could be ieparated : He that believeth hath the Son, Grace and Chrift cannot be feparated, Eph. '1.2. Gat. 1.3. John I. 1 r. Thefe By-ways funder Souls and the Foundation Chrifr. SE R M 0 N X. Mr 'IJttughter is grievoujly vexed with a · gjevi!.] Children, efpecially to Mothers, whofe Affections are more weak and fE:>ft, are tak-' ing Lovers, rfpecially, being Parts and fubftanri al F 4 Shadows