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SERM. t r Triumph of Faith. 99 not dead with the Prophets. Faith feeth #ar offas yet, to fee Things tha! God fhall do1 .either by himfelf, or by Angels, 1s an AB: of Prophecy, and differeth not in Nature from the prophetical Light of the Prophets ; No_w the Li&ht _of Faith f~eth as yet the fame, to w1t, that Chnft !hall ratfe the Dead,-and fend his Angels to gather in his VVhea~ into his Barn; eipeciall y Hope of Glory is propnetical. 6. Patience to wait on, while the Vifion fpeak, is an Anfwer. 7· Some Letters require no .Anfwer.. but are mere Expreilions of the Defires of the Friend; the general Prayers of the Saints, that the Lord wrmld' gather in his Elect, that Chrift would come and marry the Bride, and ~o~fummate the Nuptia,Is, do refer to a real Anfwer; when our Husband the King ihall come in Perfon at his fe· cond Appearance. " Ufe 1. You take it hard, that you are not anfwered, and that Chrift's Door is not opened at y<mr firft Knock: :David rnuft knock, Pfat. :z.z.. z.. 0 my God, J crry by '1Jay, and thou heareft not, and in the Night Seafon 1 am not fiJent . The Lord's Church, Lam. 3· 8. And rzvhen I cry and jhout, ke jbutteth out my 'J!rayer. S•zveet Jefus th~ Hetr of att, prayed wnh '{ears ~nrl jtrong, once, 0 my. Father; Agam, 0 my Father; .and the third Time, 0 my Father; e're be wai heard. Wait on, di~ praying, faint not. .-- Ufe :z.. 'Tis good tb have the Heart ftored with fweet Principles of Chrift, when he heareth not at the ~rft. 'Ti~ Chr)ft, he will anfwer. 'Tis but Chnft's out-iide-.t.flat is unkind. Gz SE R..