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IOO The Trial atzd SERM. 12 S ER M 0 N XII. And his 'IJifciptes came and hefought him, fatying Send her awa:}', &c. I N the Difc iples we fee little Tendernefs, no more but fe ncl ber away, Jhe troubleth us ~;,vith crying ; forfooth they were fore flain, that their dainty E ars were pained with the crying of a poor Woman. Why ~ 'They fay not, :JJear Majler, her tittie 'IJaugloter is tormented wfth the 'Levit, anit 't hou her Saviour anfwereft her not one lVbrd; jhe cannot /;ut break herHeart; J;Ve pray thee Majler, heal her '.JJaughter. , Doa. Natural Jl;fen, or Chrift's :!Jifcipt~s, in .fo far as there is Fkjh in them, umferflanrf not the Myflery of Sorrtrw, ari€1 Fervour of .Affe8ion in tfJe Saints, crying to Gorl in :Defertion, anrt not hearrl. r. Natural Men jeer at Chrifl deferted, 'Pfal. 2.2 . 8. He truflerl in the Lorrl, let him cleliver him. Heavy was the Spirit of the weeping Church, a captive Woman at the Rivers of Baby... Ion; yet fee they mock them; flng us one of the Son,_e;s of Sion. 2. Even the Saints, _in fo far as they are unrenewed, are Strangers to m ward ConfliEts of Souls praying, and not anfwered of God, the fainting and fw~oning Church, Cant. 5· 6, 7· is pained; 0 dear Pf "atchmen, Jaw JOU my HJJsbanclr Heavy was h~r Spirit, but what then? V. 7· T he WatcJ:;-nzen, that went about the City, founrl me, they finote me, they wounderl me, the Keepe,·s of the Walls took ,;,way my Vait from me; in ftead of binding up her Wounds, they returned her :Buffet3, and pt~lled her Hair down about her Ears. 4 nd the ZJaugbters of :Jerufolem fay to the fi~k, fighmg