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SElt· r 3: Triumph of Faith~ I r l . killed their husband : there's .a born Jew in Heaven, in foul and body; 'ti£ fweetto have any rdation to Chrift. 2 . The Catholick Covenant of Gra~e made with the great Sift~r the Church univerfal, wasiirft laid down in pawl). in their Hand; they put their hand firft to the Contraa, in fubfcribing the marriage Contraa, 7er. I. j.' Jfraet was b~ly to the Lord, and the firft fruits of his increafe: 0 fweet! the fallen Race of mankind was Chrifts C~rn field, and hi~ Wheat :The .7ews :were the firft ,Sheaf of the Field, :IJeut. 7· 6.They got ChrVts young Love and ( to fpeak fo 0 the firft Handfell of free Grace in a Chw-ch-way. 3• Chrift in the Jews fleih, (yet not excluding Ruth Rahab, and· other Gen'?ites of the Blood-Royal) acted the whole Gofpel; a born :Je:-~ Redeemed the loft W or!d, offered a Sacrifice to God for fin~ ners, a born l e.w is Heir of all Things, is exalted a Prince to guide and rule a it and Ihall j_udge Men and Angels. 4· . The Lord 6h_rift in ;We flefh was firft offered to them, they had theiirtf Gofpel-love, Matth. 10. 5· 6. AB. I 3, 46, 5· The Oracles of God were committed to them, Rom. 3• t .Rom.9·4· The Teftator Cbrift, his written will 'was in their k eeping : 6;. God was their firft Crowned King. He gave Ethiophia, and Egypt and Zeba a ran- 1 fom for them and was the Law-giver: 7· Every Male-child among the Jews, did bear fomewhat ofChrift in his flefh, Col. ~. 1 I.When all the world was without Chr1ft : 8. Their land was Chrifi~s by a fpecial typicail-right: God faithofit,':zis ntJ1. land ; Chrift was their S9vereign Land-lord, and they the great King's Free-holders : '9· Thf Lord never dwelt in ~e ho~t[e mnde ®it!;_ bands, in a B ·Tern~ . / c' I '