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I 12. The Trial and SERM. 12 on thereof, can fpeak to both thefe: But that is /neither a Gofpel-voice nor the Gofpel-Spirit that revealeth any fuch bad Tidings. 'Tis true, Satan may fpeak io, but Chri~ cometh once with good Tidings to all, Elect and Repr(Jbate : Men do hereby buy a Plra againft Chrift, and force a ~arrel upon him : The Believer breaketh firft with: Chrift, before ever Chrift breaketh with him 5 bad Tidings are too foon true: I doubt if Reprobation -be fo far forth revealed to any, even to thofe that bn againft the Holy Ghoft, as they are to beJ.ieve their own lmpoffibil1ty to be-faved, for tho' a Man knew himfelf to be over fcore and paft all Remedy, he is obliged to believe the Power of i~finite Mercy ~o fave him, and to hang by that Thread in Humility and adherence to Chrift. , z. If Chrift be fent for loft Jfraet, and fay in the Gofpel, Who wit! J!:O •u.:ith me? and fay to thee, M31 Father the J{ing (ent me /.1is own Son, to l;ring thee up to his Houfe: \Why, but thou fhou!dft go: When old Jacob fa w the Chariots and .Meffenger$ ~~at Prince J'ofepb his own Son, yet living, had feqt to fetch him, his Heart failed for .7ov ~ -Seeft thou theChariotofPharaoh pavecJ,....vithLove, mak€ then for the Journey: The Home we have · here is a taking Lover; \Vhy? but thou rnayftfay, I cannot ftay here, the King hath fent for me. S E R M 0 N XIII. · QF Ifraet] It was then a privileged Mercy tha·t Chrift was fent to the Je·ws; I. The .1e:::.r.J is the elder .Brother, and the native Heir of Chrift: ' Chrift is of their Blood and Houfe, Rom. i. 2, 3· and 9· 3· They were Chrift's firft Bride. Alas, they killed