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SER. 13 Triumph of Faith. 1 I 9 by his l">pirit in the imm· .!11om, tbat Chi·ift may dwell in their Hetwts by Faith, and that witb att the Saints they may be able to comptehend tbe tranfcendent Love of God in Chrift, Eph. ~ · 15, 16, 17, r8, 19. And that Author,, Heb. q . :::.o, 2 r. V14t the God of Pear.e may nzake the. &thtts perfe8 in e·ve1:11 good Work to do his f;Vill, workinJ?; ·in them, that which is rzvetl plea.fing in his fight. 2.. 'Tis againft Chrift's lnterceffion, whofe it is to keep the Faith of the Saints from failing Luke 22.. 32. And who ji11ijhetb our Fttith, Heb. I 2.. 2. Con(irmeth us to the End. 1 Cor. 1. 8. Ad-vocateth fot· new Grace, I .7o.h. z. I, z. Ap- . peareth itt the Prefence of God for us, Heb. 9· 2.4· 3· This cannot ftand with the Promife of perfeverance, mad~ in tbe Covenant of Grace .7er. 3'-; 40, 41. If. 59· 2.1, 24. Ezek. 36. 17· 7oh· 6. 39, 40. · .7oh. 4· 1 ;, 14. Nor 4· with the Faith of perfwafion of Perfeverance, Rom. 8. 38, 39· .7ude v. 24 25. PjaJ. 6. 2. 'Iim. 4· 18. and 5· - This muft infer either that the Regenrrate do _not, aftd cannot Sin by not believing and perfevering in Faith, and perfe8ing Holinejs in the Fear of God, (which is blaiphemy ) or that the Saints may finally fall from Grace, or that the Ufe of Grace, and willing and doing in the Saints is not of, or from confirming and affifting Grace. c:i.This putteth our Stock of Grace in our own Hand, as tf Chrift did. litterally only_reveal to us the Way to Heaven, and leave it to our own free Will to Guide well or ill. " · Ufe 1. And io we are to thank Chrift for beginning in the Spirit, and to thank ourfelves that we g~ on, and grow in Grace, or End not in the Flefh ; Nay but Chrifts Difpenfation, in whoi~ Grace we H 4 are , . .