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1 18 ' The Trial and SEtt 1,; thjng of the Notion of Death, or of another Life in the Fancy of Sh~p, a Mouth-full of green Grafs carrieth the Sheep on upon a Pit: And the ~1outl1 and Teeth ot Lions and Wolves. Fancy is often the Guide of weak 23etievers, rather then Faith ; little care we by Nature, what we ' fuall be in the mixt Gt;:;neration. Fancy and Na• tttre cannot out-fee Time, nor fee over, nor beyond Death: Fair green-like Hopes ofgain_ate to us H_opes of real good: \V~ th~nk we fee t:vo Moons m one Heaven, there is aWay good-feemmg that deceiveth us: But black Death is the Nightlodging of it. Alas, we ar'e journying, and know not our night-lnnes, an~ where we fhall lodge, when the Sun ]s _going down, poor Soul where fhall you be all Ntght? I. If BeHevers be fuch dependent Great\lres, what ao Libertines and Antinomians teach us : ~hat the Soul need not go out to Chrift,fm~ frejh . fupply, but it is aBed by the Spirit inhabiting and d·wetting in us: Alfo, that it is the Way of the Law, not of the GofPel, that we AB in the · Strength of Chri(t: Both thefe are againft the Gdfpel ! 1. We are commanded to pray, eveu the Sons who in Faith calleth God, Our Father which is in Heaven, lead us not into r:Temptation, which GoiJ doth no other Way then by giving us new fupply of Grace to aClual Reftftance; and Chrifi will have us to pray, Lord increafo o.ur Faith, the Virgins in Love with Chrift, pray draw us. Paul prayeth that the God. of Pettae •would fonCI:ifie the 'Iheffalonians wholly J , The 5. 13. & for this he boweth his knee, that the believing Ephejians may be ftrengthned ac- &ording to the Riches of !is Glory, with might ~,