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S~:R. 1; Triumph of Faith. t 15 vered from the Law. 0 then iaid LiYJertines; we may Sin, and jlejbly ~vatking jhatt not prejudge Salvation, nor condemn us, ver. 7· What fhatt we fay then? Is the Law Sin? God for- '/;id, and Rom. v. 20. Wbere Sin abounded, Grace did much'more abound :then faid the Libertine:,-, Chap. vi. 1. What jhall we then fay, jhatt we continue in Sin, that Grace may abound, ver. 2. God forbid; then the Law commandeth and diretl:eth not to Sin ; and Chrift and Grace bei~g Friends, fpeak with the fame Mouth, Go'd forbicl that we Sin ; we are not fE> freed from the commanding Power of the Law, as that we Sin not : When we do what is contrary to God's Law, we are fo far under the Law, as not to Sin, becaufe the Rule of Law is removed; nay, the Law· bacrs a Man while he come to Chrift, and to, Glory ; and Chrift backs the Law, and faith, the Law farbiddeth you Sin, I fay Amen. Grace ' faith, Sin not ; and Chrift 41fo layeth new :Bands of Love and Obligation to T~ankfulneis on us, -not to Sin, ·but removeth not the ancient Bounds :Grace and Copdemnation are oppofite, but not Grace and the commanding Power of the Law. O~j. 5· c_The Law is a Letter ofVeatp and :Bondage, and can never convert the Soul, only the Gojpe.J doth that, for in the Gofpe1, Grace is given to obey what is commanded: Therefore JlOUr Law-preachers lead Me.n frot;z the Foundntion Chri.ft. Anf. r. The Letter of the Law without the Spirit of Chrift, cannot conv£rt any, nor can the Letter of the GofpeJ, or Gofpet-threatniny,s without the Spirit of Grace convert any? both ~.Jaw. and_Gofpel i~Earated from the Sp1nt are alike m ;hl!3; and ne1ther Law nor Gof-