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·~~6 r~e Trial_ and SER. 13 Gofpel accordmg to th1s Reafoning Ihould be preached. Antinomians do in downright Terms teach this: For they_fay, I. That the due[earching t~nd knowledge of the Scriptures, is not a fafe and fore w~_ of fearchjng and finding Chrifl: The \-Yord faJth the 5~mtrary, Pfat. xix. 7· 8, 9· .A8s x. 43· Rom. m. 21. 7ohn v. 39· Luke i. jO. 7 1. z. 'Jf: do any thing by virtue of a Commandment, tS a La~-way, not Gojpet-obedience; c;ontrary to Pfol. cx1x. 9, 43· 44· v. I r. 2 Pet. i. I 9, zo. 2 'Yim. iii. I 6. 3· All 'Verbat C(Jvenants,. and the fFord written i s but a Covenant of Works. -and taketh Men off from Chrifl; and the &f.~hole letter of the Scripture hotdeth f~rth a Covenant of PVorks. Atl1Jo8rines, Revelations, f.§ Sph·its are to be tri~d ly ChrijU·ather than by the Word. Thofe that ,go from the Sun muft at IenRth walk in Darknefs. Anabaptifts of o-Id faid, The Covenant of Grace was written in the inward Parts, and in the Heart, and therefore there was no need of l'Vord or Miniflry ; but when Satan knocketh his Knock is dumb and fpeechlefs, he .bringeth not the Word, ~nd fpeak. eth not accordmg to the Law and '1 efttnzonjr, becaufe he is a dumb Devil : Chrift bringeth -the '\Vord with him. To all thef~, we can fay no other, then that the1 condemn the Scriptures and the preaching of the Word ; becat1fe nothing can avail us to Salvation without the Spirit. This is I. To condemn the Wifdom of our Lord, who bath appointed that Faith Jhould come by hearing, and that the Things that are written, are written, ihat we in believing might have eternal Life, John xx. 3 I. 2 . It's to fetter the free Operation of the Spirit, whofe Wind bloweth when he . lift-