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' • <\ • S;n.. 1 S Triumph of Faith. · ·141. lxxvii. to. And I faiJ, this i s m. .'Y lnjirmit)' ; he gathereth his fcattered Thoughts, and tak- \ eth himfelf in the Temptation : 'Tis N~ercy, z.. · To fee the Temptation in the Face ; fome ly under a Dumb and a deaf Temptation_that wanteth all the five Senies : Cain is murthered in the dark at Midnight with the Temptation, and he knoweth not what it meanerh. l. GDd's immediate Hand is more to be look(d at, than any other Temptation. 3· Hence the Cqnfcience is timerous and trave-rfeth it Ways under the Tria~, when a . Night Traveller dare not truft the Ground he walketh on, he is· it) a fad Condition ~ he is under two Evils, and bath neither co~tc > rt nor Confirlence, Ija. 1. He that watketh in darknefl, and bath no Light (but fome glimmering of Starlie:ht, or half Moon under the Earth, and knowet'h not the Ground he ' walkc:th in) let bim truft in the Name of the Lord. 8. She runn~rh not away from Chrift under Deiertion: But I. She cometh to him, 'tis a Q1eftion what deferred Souls fhall do in that .~ Cafe. See 2. That you run not from Chrift; it was a Defertion that Saut was under_, and a fad one we read of, but he maketh Confeffion of his Condition to the Devil, a fad Word, I.S..Ilmuet xxviii. I 5· I am fore ~~flr1fed, there's a heavy and lamentable Reafon gtven, why ? the P bihftines make vVar againft me: Why ? That is not much, they make War ahvays againil: the Peop le of God: Nay, but here is the Marrow and the Soul of all Vengeance, God is departed from me. ·'Why ? Foolifh .Man, What availeth it thee to · tell the Devil, God is departed from the : :Judas \\.ots under a tQtal Ddertion ; he went not to the