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/ ii4i ' ~'-e Trial ttnd Sn.~ x ~ fhe Murtherers of Chrift to open his Wou~d: I have finned, Fool, fay that to the Savtour of Sinners, the Church deferred, Cant. i. 5· betaketh herfelfto Chrift, and fearcheth him out, Saw 'e him whonz my Sout tovetb ? 'Tis a bad token, when Men conceiving themfelves to be in Calamity, make Lies and Policy their Refuge. Obj.. :But it is a greater fin to go to Chrifl, being in a ftate of Sin : What have I to do to f:O to him whom 1 have offended fo highly? Anj. T o run from Chrift under Deferrion, is two ·Deaths. 1. Defertion is one, and if real, the fadaeft Hell out of Hell. z. To flee from Chrift and Life is another Death ; now to come to him, though he iliould kill thee for thy Prefumption, is but one Death, a11Q a little one in comparifon of the other, and one Ettle Death is rather to be chofen, than two great Deaths. 2 . Confider how living a · De~lth it is to be killed doing a Duty, and aiming to flee in to Chrift ; better die by ~hrift's own hand (iffo it muft be) as ~y another; and better be buried and ly dead at hts Feet, as to run away fi·om him in a heavy Defertion: If the Believer rnuft die, it's better his .Grave be made under the Throne, and under the Feet of J eius Chrift, , as to die in ·ajbte of Strangenefs and Alienation from Chrift; not daring to COfl:1e nigh him: All the deferted ones that we read of, d~d flee in to him, Pf xxxiv.P(.lxxx.vi1i Pf xx~l'x :Job xiii 5~ .(fa. xxxviii.z.'Tis good to claim htm as thy God, though he fhould deny thee, and creep unto him, though he fhould throw th~ out of his fight : Better kifs the Swo,rd that killeth thee1 and be flain with his own Hand, as caft aw~y thy /Confidence.