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SER.. I 6 - Triu1'11fh ofFaith.· !4' .Basket, Ezek xvi. z. Son of Man cttufe :ferufolem to kno'w her Abomination. How ? Make them know the Srock they cameo£ 3· ' Andfay. ' Thus faith the Lord unto Jerufalem,Thy Birth,. ' and thy NativitY;, is of the Land of Caoaan." Thy Father was an ' Amorite, and thy Mother an Hiitite.' ~v, hen the .7ews were to offer the firft Fruits to tbe Lord, '.IJ'cut. xxvi. 5. ' And thou ' !halt fprak ~nd fay before the Lord thy God, ~ A Syrian ready to perifh was my Father, and ' went down to Egypt to fojourn there.' Thus the forgetting of what we are by Nyure, addeth to our Guiltinefs, Ezek .. xvi. zz. And in all ' thine Abominations, anti thy Whoredoms, tho~ ' haft not remembred the Days of thy Youth, . ' when thou waft naked, and bare, (and waft) ' polluted in thy Blood:' So the Epheftans muft be told how unfit they were by Nature'for Chrift; being the very Work-houie and Shop of the Devil, in which he wrought, Eph. ii. I, :, 3· National Sins hath influence in their Guilt and Contagion on Believ.ers. r. When they mourn not for them. .z. When they ftand not in the gap to turn away Wrath, Ezek. xxii. 30. There were, Jfa. lix. godly Men that departed from ill, Ver. 1 5· But God's quarrel was, that therewasno Inter. ceffor : In Fafl:ing, Believers, thoug~ pardoned, may have on them a burden of the Sms of three · Nations, and be involved in the fame Wrath with them : National Repentance is required of every one, no lefs than perfonal Repentance. Who forrows for the BloodrofMaligants and Rebels ~ For their Oaths, Mocking, Scoffing, Maffing ; the Sins of the Land, Idolatry, fuperftitious Days:> vain Ceremonies ~c. have mfluence on a Believ~ K 3 , ers