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"t ~ 4 '!'he Trialeentl · SEa.. 16 joc.,•er hetieveth, John iii.. 33• c bath fer to his • s~al that God is true. , And I 7ohn v. IO. ~ He ,that be! eveth not God, bath inade hi111 a 4 Liar, beca uk he bel ieverh not the Record that. ' God gave of his Son. ' Now it is not God's Teftin1ony, nor any Gofi;et~Tr;th, . that fuch as :fin againit the Hoty Ghoft fuall be pardoned ; ,-ea, the corrrary is fa id, Mat. xi1. ; I, 3z. · Yet the1e tha t fin againft the lloty Ghofl are condt>mned, f')r Unbdief, as all other Unbelievers are, :John ii. I R, 36. Then fuch as fall in this Sin, though they fay, (infinite Mercy can pardon rhem, but .inFnite Mercy will not pardon· them ; ) /houldnot bely God by unbelieving thefeTruths, for. they are Gojj;ei-'Iruths ; then muft the Unbeltef of thofe that fin againft the Ho~y Ghofl pur a I ie upon foweGofPe.J-·!ruth, and this can be on] y on the Power ·of infinite Me1..:y ; and fo they muft fay, Chrift cannot iave, though he would, for there's a Power o,.. ·w ~ft in Mercy, ~ no Jds than a \\ ili. If F. Sp; 'B· go for a de- ' ' fpairing Reprobate (whic'~ I dar no~.- aver) yet when he 1aid, he believed Chrift was able to fave ·him, hut he doubted of his Wtll ; he muft not be io underfiood,-as if it were fo indeed : Unbel iners know not all ~he myfterious turnin_gs of lying and !elf-deceiving Onbelie£ , Unbehef n1ay ly to Men of itieJf, when it dare bely ~he Worth o_f th~u Soul-redeeming Ranfom of Chrifl's 2itood; 1f he that finneth againft the Holy Ghoft, could helieve the Power pf infinite Mercy, he fuouJd alio believe the Will .and Inclinatlon of infinitt> Mercy, for the Power of Mercy is the ve,·v Pr~ w(' r of a merciful WilL I Jhall not then be afraid that Soul is loft, which hath high and ea-