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Sm~ .• 1 ' - Triumph of Faith. ·~ ·~ ~ but thd e two. ;. But what then~ tf a Soul c"me to thjs; ' I have either finned againft the Huly ' Ghoft, or certainly am upon the Borders of it; · ' becaufe Chrift · knocked long, and a lear ago, ' or a long Time from this, 'l remember ofhis ' farewell rap: When Chriil: knocking~ took his ' laft Goo_d~night with 1 this word; He that is ' filthy, let him be filthy ·fttll ; and faid, he ' would never come again : ' I grant an ill .Confcie .ce ~an fpeak Prophefy, E!~:od. x. z8, 29. So Pharaoh did Propheiy, and Cain alfo, Gen. i v. 13, I 4, But z.. I can yield that there be 10mtt farewell Knockings of Chri(t, after which Chr~(t ts never feen or .heard at the Door of fome Mens Hearts, ,ABs xiii. 46. Paut fpeaketh fo to th~ :Jews: ' But feeing you put (the Gofpel) from ., you, and judge yourfelves unworthy ofeverlaft- ' ing L ife, low we turn to the Gentiles : ' The like is Chri{t's L anguage to them, John viii. 2 I. ' Then iaJ Jd us to them, I go my way, and ye ' Ihall fee:· m"' and fhall die in your Sins ; . ' whither JP ye cannot come. ' . I doubt if any can fin the im againfl:.the Holy ~hoft,and the finner or ly, and no otlier complam of it ; that iin breaketh out in prodigious ACl:s of wickednefs, as Blood and Perfecution : .Though it were true, that you were upon the Borders of Hell, yet the Gofpet, though it except )IOU from atl:ual Mercy, yet not from the Duty ofbelieving and coming to Chrift; and though fuch think and imagine, that they believe .Chrift is able to fave and redeem thell):; only they cloubt of his Will; yet the Truth is, 'the doubt of Unbelief is mor6 of the Power of Mercy and infinite Grace in Chrift, than of his Will ; and my Reafon is, that whofo· ·'