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_ rt.M . T A 13 t ?• ; . .a. We are not ju£H6ed before we beh~ve, prov day ui Argnme.nts . 1 I i ! ~ A Condition taken irt a three-fold ~otlbii • ·. i.~. "Tis rlot a proper Condition .by w~y ,of ~~?a Wag~ arid Work; when weare f<UJ to be JUihfied and Ht.. ... ved Upon Conditien of Faith . lb, The fi;eedom; 2.. Eternity, ; . t*ll-ortlering of the eo.. ~· veriani:~ the thre!!! Properties t~~re~~ • . 1 5 Thct Freedom of fhe Covenant l$ f~en, ln regard, I 6. Of Perfons. 2. Of Caufe$. j• OfTime, 4· Of Manner of Difpenfation . tb: {ifes of the Doctrine of the Covenant 76j ( 7 SERMON IX. Chi:ift God and .M~n, and our Comfort therein ~s ' Chrifr irnniediate in the Act of Redeemin~ us, afid Fo' fweeter 12 ~hrlft incompat·able . if. FtiUr othei· n~ceffary Ufe~ -< 79~ So, $r, 82, 8; TB Believers all temporal Favours are fpirirualiz/d1 and \\rdfered 'With .Mercy; F~ur Grounds thereof ib. Dy . what Reafon our Father, as a Father; giveth us fplritual Things, by that famebegiveth us all Thing~ . 84 ~ercy originally in Chrifr, and how 8$ 8 ER M 0 N X .. P<il'eht's Affecripl\, their fplritual Pi.lty to Children 8; Thir~eri practical Rules in obferving Paflages of Divine Providence 88, s,, 90, 9r, 92, 6~ I. We are neither to lead1 nor to iHnf P1;ovidence ' ss 2. But to obferve G?~ in _ h~s W~Ays, arid not to lop~ to By-ways ofProv1dertce i~" 3. Omnipotency not laid down iri Pawn in any Means , . ib. 4· God walket bot irt the vVay tHat we imagine ib,. ·:f; 5~ Pro-