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The TABLE. ~l~ of Mind for the indwelling Qf Sin is required 2.3~ S :e R 1\1 0 N . XX. Thf:; Ccmfcience, in Clirifl:, is freed frorp Sin, that. is, fi·pm atl;qal Condemnation, but not from incurrmg {iod~s D~fple~fure by the Breach of a Law, if the Believer fin 237 lam r~ believ~ the Remillion of thefe fame very Sins; which I am to confefs with Sorrow t40 Ei~ht Caf~s of Confcience refolved from . th~ form'er ·-·· l!:) . pq&r!ne . ib, Hgw we are to forrow for pardoned Sin Z-43 TP D@ juil:ifie4 i~ a· State of Bappinefs moft defireable, / !Hqftrat~q from the; .eternity of , rh~ Debt of Sin I 244 'fh~ fmall5fl: and worfl: Things of Chrift are incompa.:. rably ;1hcm: th~ mofl: ~xcellent Things on Earth, illufhated in fix: pa.,rticulars · 245 What 111u£t Chria himfelf b~, when the worft Things of Chrifl: are fo defireable! 24 7 Th& Excelhmcy of Chrift further illuflrated, and the Fulln~fs of our C~oice evidencqd 25 I Hovr to efl:e~m of Chrift, iUuftrated in four Grounds . 252 Degrees of Perfons YO\~ng~r !l,nd ol€ler in G,rac~, in o.u: Lord_'s ~oufe . . 254 (]hrijt 's Family Is a growing F~mtly 258 God br!ngeth great: and heavenly Works out of the Day of fmall T.hings ib. ·we are to deal t~qderl y with w~ak ones~ upQn fix Con~ ftd~rationl! · ·· ~6o, :z.6 r sE R MaN xxr. · T~e P_revel\lncy of inftan~ Pr11,yer put forth utton God • .m etght ACts ' 262. Prayer mov~th ~nd fiirreth all·.Wheels in Heaven anJ. ' t:arth ~G3; ~~4, 2.65, ~66, ~Gi, 2.68 Fire