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crhe T A B L E. Five Things concerning Faith 2.70 There is tt Preparation going befora Faith ib. There is no neceffary Conriecrion between Preparations going before Faith, and Faith 271 Aft~B:ions ~oing before Faith and following aftera dlfter fpecifically, and not gradually only ib; All are alike unfit for Converfion z i z. Some nearer Converfion than others 2 i; Three Gl'ounds or Motives of Believing ib. Glory, ~nd Chrift the Hope of Glory, ftrong Motives of Believing 2 H Fairh·s Objeet, the Marrovr of God's Attributes, to · fpeak fo 2j 5 Faith a catholick Grace required in all our ACtions natural and dvil, as well as fi)idtual 276 Chriffianity how an operous Work 2. 77 The fix Ingredients of Faith , 2i? · Faith turneth all om:Acts which are terminated on the Creature, in110 half Acts 18r Fa!th ·hath hve Notes of Di~e~·ence in doling with the Promife 28i Literal Knowledge wm·kfth as a natural Agent 28.9 Warr:1.nts of Applying, fet down in five Pofitions 290 Eight Ingredientsof a counterfeit Faith 2.97 S E R M 0 N XXII. Thirteen Marks or Ingt·edients of a fii·ong Faith, and how w difcern a weak Faith 300 1 . Strong Praying, a Note of flrong Faith sot 2 . Infram Pleading, a Note aJfo ib. Strength of Grace required in Believing ib. Chiihewardeth Grace with Grace 302 How Grace beginneth all fupernatural Acts 303 Four Reafons why Grace in the Work of Faith mufr ?egih, and fo begin, as we are guilty in not followIng . . ' ;a4 Gr:zce ts oue the Saints, and to them; but Glory is on t~1ern, but not to them 306 There