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~he TAB :LE. ObjeB:ions of Mr. Denne the .Anti1iomiim anfwered 341 What it is to be und;r the Law 348 How God loveth us before Time)· and how he now loveth us in Time j 5 I By Faith and Converfion our fhat~ is tr~Iy changed before God ' . ' 3 5; To be ju{Hfied by Faith, is not barely to come to the Knowledge that we are juftified before we believe 356 Juflifttatz'on not Eternal . , 3 51 Fauh is not only given for our Joy and Confolation ; but alfo for our Jufrification, both in our own Soul and before God · 3 oo There's no Warrant in Scripture for two Reconciliations; one of Man's Reconciliation to God, ap.d anothet· of God's Reconciliation to Man 364 Chrifr merits no Caufe, but an Effect of God'seternal Love i5.• What Reconciliation is . 3 6 j Joy without all forrow for fin, no Fruit of the Kingdom of God .{b,; The 'feeing of Goel, Heb. xii. 14. and the Kingdom. · I Cor. VI. John iii 3· not the Kmgdom of Grace~ . ~~~ry 3" All Aets of Blood, and rough Dealing in God to his own Atts of Mercy ihd SE R M 0 N XXV. Ornnipotency hath Influence on, 1. Sat:m. l. Difeafes. 3· Stark Death. 4· Mother-ncthing. 5·· On all Creatures. 6. On fin, to fpeak to them Ob d . . 1 p . 'L c . . . 369 e _Ientla o~er m tae reatton, what It IS 3 70 Ommpotency 1-s ( as it ~ere) a Servant to Faidt 1 We wor.fhip a dependeut God