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.. The TABLE. Of a weak Faith 3 2.5 ' Negative Adherence to Chrift, not fufficient to faving ~~ . ~ A fuffering Faith a thong Faith 3 2 7 faith, in regard of Intention, weal{, may be thong in regard of Exrention, in three Relations r p8 The loweft Ebb of a fainting Faith . 3 29 What ot Chl;'ift remained11 in ~he lowet1: Ebb ef a ; . fainting Faith B o S E R M 0 N XXIV. A Stock of Grace is within the Saints, our Grace is not all ~nd wholly in C~rifr, though it be all fi·om ChnO: • ·• 33; The Powers of the Soul rernam whole m Convei:'liori • . 33,4 The frock of Grace ts to be warr1ly kept ib. Four Things are to pe done to keep the frock without a Craz.e B6 The Tendernefs of Chtift's Heart, and fir(!ngth of Love toward finners . 33 7 Chdfi firong in mor~l Acts, and ftrongly moderate in natural AGl:s : The contrary ~s in natural Men 34l Chrifi's Motion of tender Mercy as it were natural ib. How Mercy worketh eternally, :and fect·etly, and under Ground, even under a bloody Difpenfation fb. Judgment on the two Kingdoms except they repeat • 34~ A rough Difpenfation confiftent wuh Tendcrnefs of Love in our Lord 3H Free Love goeth before our Redemption 345 Chrift loveth the Perfons of the EleCt, but hareth their fins i/,. A _twofold Love of Gocl, one of Good-will tO' the Pet·- fcm, another of Cornp,lacency to his own Image in the Perfon ib~ No new Love in God 346 Ob..