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xs The Trial anJ · · SERM. 2 eft thyfelf: But Faith feeth God under his Mask and through the Cloud ; and therefore Paith ad~ deth, 0 God of Ifraet the Saviour: Thou hideft thyfe1f, 0 God, from lfraet, but Ijraet findeth . ~ thee, !7er. 17· lfraet jhatt be faved in the Lord ' with an evertajling · Salvation. God cafteth ~ Cloud pf Anger about him!elf, he maketh Darkne[<; his Pavilion, and will !lot look out; yet .7ob · feeth Gpd, and findeth b1m out many hundred Miles,,(S'hap. 1,?. 26. · Tet in my Ftejh. jhall I fee God. 3· Reafon, ~enfe ; _nay, Angel~ f~eing Chrifl: between two Thteves dymg, and gotng out of thisWorld, ble~ding to death; naked, forfaken of Friend and Lover, they may wonder an~ fay, 0 ·Lord, what dofl thou here? Yet the Fatth of the Theif f<mnd ltim there, as a King, who had the Keys of Paradife, and he faid in Faith, Lord, remember me when thou comefl into,tby Kin1,dom, Luke 2 3· 42. 4· Faith feeth him as a Witnefs, and a Record in Heaven, .7ob I 6. 19, 20. even when God cleaveth Job's Reins afunder, and poureth out his Gall upon the Ground, ver. I;. Believe then that Chrifl: glowmeth, that he may kifs; that he cuts, that he may cure, that he maketh the living Believer's Grave before his Eyes, and hath no bury him alive: He breatheth the Smoak and the Hea·t · of the Furnace of Hell on. the So~J, whe.n Peace, Grace, and Heaven is in his Heart: He breaketh the hollow of .7acob's Thigh, fo as he muft go. halting all his Days; and 'tis his Purpofe to bids him. Whereas we fhould walk by Fatth, we walk much, even in our fpiritual Walk, by Feeling and Senfe; we have theie Errors in our Faith, we make not the Wordof:Promife the Rule ofour Faith, but only Difpenfatim~. :t\ow God's Difpenfation is f£otlefs