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SERM. 2 Triumph ·ofFaith. t1 lefs and innocent, and white; yet it is: not Scripture to me, nor all the Difpenfation and Providence feemeth to fpeak the Word of God: Ram- . horns fpeaketh not taking of 1~owns in an ordinary Providence, as Spear and Sh1eld and an Hoft of :fighting Men doth. Kilted all the 'Ilay tong, and ejlimated as Sheep for the Slaughter, fpeaketh not to me that God's People are more than Conquerors through hirn tlJat loved us, Rom. 8. 36, 37· Ou!-' Faith, in reference to Difpenfation; is to do two Things. To believe in general, tho' ·Difpenfation be rough, ftormy, black; yetChrift is fair, fweet, gracious; and, th~t Hell and Death are Servants to God's Difpeofation toward the .Ghildren of God: Abraham muft killlfaac; yet in J(aacas in the promifed Seed, all the Nations of the .Earth are bteJled. lfi·ael is foiled, and fail£tb before tJJe Men of Ai ; yet If raet ]ball be javed by the Lr;rd: .7udah fhall go jnto Captivity, but the dead Bones fhalllive again, read the Promife in general, engraved upon the Difuenfation of<S·od : Gar~nts are rolled in Blooa in Scotland and England: The WhedsofChrift's Chario.t, in .this R:formation, go with a flow Pace; the Prmce ts .avede to Pea'Ce, many Worthies are killed, a forreign Nation cometh againft us; yet all worketh for the beft to thoie tbart love God. z. Hope biddeth us to wait the Lord's Event: We fee God's Work, it cometh to our Senfes, but the Event that God bringeth out of his \Vork, lyeth under Ground, Difpen{ation is as a Woman tra... vel ing in Bj:th, and crying out for Pain, but fl1.e .fha ll be dellvered of two .Men-Children : 1v1ercy to t~e People of God, J ufbce to Jiabylon: \V ait on ttll the Woman bring forth, tho' you fee not the Children. :. We