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·" SERM. ; Triumph of Fait!;. I 3 From whi~h it appeareth that Chrift cannot be hid. ' I. In his Canfe and Truth, the Gofpd is ~co?rged and imprifoned when the A poftles are fo ferved; it cometh to Ijght and nlleth .7erufaJe_m, and fi11eth all the World. What was tlone to htde · Chrift? when he and his Gofpel is buried under a grC'at Stone, yet his Fame goeth abroad; Death is no Covering to Chrift, Papifts burn all the Books of Proteftants, they" kill and flay the Witnefles; Antiorhus and the perfecuting Emper0rs throw all the Bibles in the Fire ; but this Truth cannot be hid, it triumpheth: As foon pu1l down Jefus from his royal Seat at the right Hand of God, .as :Oabylon, Prelate~, Papifts, Malignants, in thefe three Kingdoms, can extingui!h the People and Truth ofChrift. z. Believers cannot hide and diifemble a good or an ill Condition in the Soul; the· Welbeloved is away, and the Church's Bed cannot keep her: All the Watchmen, all the Streets, all the Daughter~ of 7erufatcm, yea, ma ven and Chrift mufl: hear of1t, Cant. 3· I,. 2, 3· Cant. 5· 6, i, 8. Mar:J Magdatane's.'Bed, and a Mornings-fleep, and the Corn- · pany o~ Angels and A.poftle~ cannot dry her Cheeks. Woman, c:;Jhat ails thee? (faith the Angel) 0 fhe weepeth! 0 whna ilethme? ~he_r have taken away ti2Jl I ord, and 1 kno:z.v not ·where the.f. ha·ve laid him. 0 ApoflJes_J Where i~ he? 0 Sir Air{;el tell me if' youjawhtm? 0 Gravel O:!Jeath! Shew me, is • · my Lord 'With Jou? The Love of Chrift is no Hypocrite: I grant fome can f()r a Time put a fa1r Face on it, when Chrift is abient· but moft of the Sa rots look as a Bird fallen fr<;rn the Raven, as a Lamb fallen out of the Lion's Mouth I 1 as