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.I~ The Tri(lt and SERM. 3 2. We truft Po£fdl1on in our Part, more than l1aw, and the Fidelity of the Promife on God's Part; Feeling is of more Credit to us than Faith, Ser.fe is fi.1rer to us than the Word of Faith 5 many weak ones believe not Life eternal ; be- ; caufe they feel it not; Heaven is a Thing unfeen, and they find no Confolat ion and Comfort, and fo are cliiquieted: If we knew that believing is a bargaining and a buying, we lhould fee the Weaknefs of many ; fnould any buy a Field of Land, and refnfe to tel1 down the Money, except · the :party fhould Ia:r all the Ridges, Acres, Meadows, and Mountains on the Buyer's Shoulders, that he might carry them, home to his Houfe, he :lhould be increduloufly unjuft: If any fhould huy a Ship, and .think it no .Bargain at all, except he might carry away the Ship ..on his Back, fhow.1dJ not this make him a ridiculous Merchant ? God's Law of Faith, Chrift's concluded Atonement is better and fi1rer than yolJr Feeling; all that Senfe and Comfi>rt i~ith, is not Canonick S~ipture, it is Adultery to feek a Sign; _becaufe we cannot reft on our Husband's Word. SE R M 0 ·N Ill. ~eft.BUt rannot Chr~fl be hid? Anfw. Not of himfel£ It is hard to,hide a great Fire, Gr to caft a Covering upon iweet Odours that they fy;nell not: Chrift's Name is as a (weet Ointment pou'~·ed out, he is a JJ.fountain of Spices, and he's a fironv SavourofHeaven, and of the higher Paradife 5'You may hide the Man that he fhaH not fe-e the Sun ; but you cannot cafi a Garment over the Body of the Sun, and hide Day-light. From