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TO THE .' R·ight Honourable; THE Lady Jean Camphe/1, · Vifcountefs . of Kenmure ; Sifter to the Right Noble and Potent, the Marq-tfefs of .Argyll& Grace and Peace. 'M AD A M, . I Should complain ofthefe much difputing and. overwriting Times, ifl were not thought to be as de~p in the fault, as thofe whom I accufe: But the Truth is, while we endeavour to gain a Grain-weight of' Truth, ·tis much. i~ we lofe not a \alent-weight of Goodnefs and Clutlhan Love : But I rn fure, though there is fo much Knowledge and Light as may c<>aduce for our fafe walking in difCerning the certain · Borders of divine Truths, fi·om every fo!fe WIJ)'; And fuppofe that Searching int0 ~efrions of the Time were a ufefu) and neceffary Evil only; y'etthe decliuingTemper ofrhe \tVorld'sworfr Time, and the old Age of Time, Eternity now fo near apiroaching!J t z. ~ail~