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.. 'J/:;e Epiflle 'IJedicatory. · ca11eth for more necdfary good Things at our Hands : . "Tis unhappy, if in tNe Nick of the 6rft Breaking of the Morning-Sky the Night-watch fall faft . afieep, when be hath watched all the .Night. 'Tisnow near the Morning-dawning of the Relurre6l:ion. 0 how bleffed are we, if we fuall care for our one neceJJary Thing! 'Tis worthy our Though~s, that an Angel, (never created, as I conceive) fianding in his own Land, Hz'} dght Foot ~pon the Sea, and his left Foot on the Ertrth, hath determined, by Oath, a Controverfy moved by Scoffers, 2 Pet. iii. 3· rea and wtth his Hand lifted up to HeAvm, jw~tre by him that livetf; for e't'er and ever, 'll'ho created Heaven and the Things that a1·e therein, tmd the E~erth and Things that therein are, tmd the Sea a'!Jd ··things that are therein';· 'That there jbould be Time no lortger. Rev. x. s, 6 . If Etei·niry be conclud~d juaicially by the Oath of CJod, as a Thing near to .us, at the D~or, now about Sixteen hundred Years ago, it i~ high time to think ofir. What fuall we do, when the Clay-houfe of this Tabernacle, which is but our Summer-honfe, that can have us butthe fourth part of a Year, fhall be diffol ved ? Time is b.1t a :!hort Trance, we are carried quickly through it ; our Rofe withereth ere it come to its Vigour : O_m· Piece of this ihort-breathing Shadow, the Inch, the Half-cubit, the poor Spanlength ofTime fleeth away as fwifdy as a Wer.wert Shuttle, Job vii. 6. wltich leapeth over a thoufand Thread., in a Mom~nt. How many hundred Hout·s · in one Summer doth ou1· breathing Clay-pofr skip over, paffing away as thJ SUps of Vejire, and as the Engle that Jiajleth to the Prey ? :]ob ix. 2. 5, 26 If Death were as far (rom our Knowledge, as Graves and ,Cofuns (which to our Eyes preach Death) are· near to our Senfe~, even calling the Smell of Dearh upon our Breath, fo as we cannot but rub' Skins wirh Corruption, we :!heuld not believe.either Prophets ot' Apojlles, when they fay,All Flejb is G1·ajs, and, It z's 11ppointedjor ~ll to die . .Etermry is a greac VVord, but theThing Itfelf ii greater : Dtti}.th~ the Point of our fhort Line . · te'aCh-