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t,• 18 The Trial and SERM. 3 1. But one Perfon of all 'Ij1rus and Sidon came to him.· 2. She was a SyrophfEnician by Nation. 3· ~er Condition, S!le had a 'lJaug/:Jter ve~ed :zvith a :IJevit. 4· ·with an unclean Devil. · 5. The nearer Occafion, She heard of him. 6. She adored. 7· She prayed, and fo 'Nay is made to the Confe.:. rence between Chrift and h~r : And to tae Trial and Miracle. . A certain U0man. There is but one of all ::{yrus and Sidon who came to Chrift. 1. It bef~emeth the Mercy of the good Shepherd, to leave n'inety and nine Sheep in the 1-'Vildernefs, and go after one which Wf}S loft, Luke, I 5· 4· And wnen all is • .done (alas) he bath but one of an whole hundred. Chrift bath not the Tithe ofMankind: He maketh a Journey while he is wearied and thirfiy through Samaria ; yea, and wanteth his Dinner for one \Voman at that Draught or his Net, and.rhinketh he dineth like a King, and above, if he fave one, :John. 4· 33, 34· 0 fweet Husband's Word, :fer. ;. 14. I am married to you, and I wilt take you,. eme of a City, and two of a 'Iri!le, and I will bring you to Zion. Chrift taketh Sinners not by Dozens, not by Thoufands ('tis but once in all the Word, .ABs 2. that three thoufand are converted at once) but by one's and two's. cfho' Ifraet be as t/:Je [and of tl~e fett, yet a remn~nt jhall but befav-. ed, -ro ?{Cf.T~tMtf<(J.C, Rom. 9· 27. Ifa. 10. 22. The Reliques and Ref.ufe fhall be faved only. 2. Corn- - mon Love fcarce amounteth. to Grace, bec!.ufe Grace is feparative, and fingleth out on~ of many, all graced Perfims are privileged Perfons, Heaven ~ is a--Hou~of chofen and privileged ones; th~re's no common Stones in the New 7erufolem, but all pr~cious Stones, the Foundations $Apbyrs, t~e --.. ___- :..._____ Wine ' - '