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SErtM. 3 Triumph of Faith~ .. . i9 Windows Agats and Carbuncles, aJt the Ylorders of pteafant Stones, Ifa. 5-4-· 11, 12. 3· Chrift's \Vay lyeth fo, ot two grinding flt the Mitt, oft~o itz the Field together, oj tq_vo m ~ne :Bed, Chrlfl: will have but one; Ch.rtfi often w1ll not have both Husband and Wife, both :Father and 5on; but the one Brother, 7acob, not E(au: Of a whole Houf~~ Chrifi: cometh to the Devil's Fire-fide, and choofeth one and draweth· hitn out, and leaveth ali the Family to the Devil. 4· Chrifi knoweth them well whom he chufeth: Grace is a rare Piete ~f tlte ; Choice and Floor of t\1e Love of Heaveil, there be many common Stones, ' not many Pearls, not many Diamonds and Saphyrs. The Multitude be al1 Arminians from tke Womb, every Herefy is a Piece ofthe old Adam,s \Yanton Wit; Thoufands go to Hell, black Hereticks and Heter,odox, as t9uching ~he Doctrine of themfelves, every Mail bath Grace if you believe him{elf; Unufquifque eft in ea !Jere(i, every Man taketh Hea'Ven for his Home and Heritage; Dogs think to rdt in Chrift's Bofom1 Men naturally believe, tho' they be but up and down with Chrifi ; yet Chrift doth fo bear them at Good-will, as to give Grace and·Glory. . , . ObjeCt. 1: God's Love is not infinite, if it be,llmited to a few. An{. This Jhould conclude, that there be an ,infinite Number ?f ~en and Angels td whom Gods Love to Salvation 1s betrothed in Affection.; but his Love is infinite in its AB:, not in ~ts ~bjeB:: The Way of carrying on his Love is mfimte. . ~bjeB:; 2. ~ afcribe God's not loving of.Men, to Gods :DifpojittoN, Hettrt, Will, and PJeafore, and not ~ur Vefe8s, ~s Jlta.fphemjl. A.nfw. The'Lorc.l afcnbeth h1s havmg Mercy, and his banl~niag to B z bis