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\ 2 0 The Trial and SER.M. 3 his own Free-will, Rom. 9· 17. Exod. 3 i· 1 9· and his Love is aa free as his Mercy, and by this Means God's firft Love to us fhould arife from our Love preventing his, ' crmtrary to his own Word, c_neut. 7· 7· Eph. 2. 3, 4· 7it. 3· 3· z Tim. I. 9· and Man fhould be the firft Lover of the t\"1o, the Creature then putteth the Lord in his Debt, and gi veth firft to God, and God cannot but recompence, Jfa. 6o. q, 14. Rom. II. 34, 35· Now, 'tis no Shame for U$ to live and die in the Debt of Chrift: The Heaven of Angel~ and Men is 11n Houie of the Debtors of Chrift, eternally engaged to him, and fhall J{and in his Debtbook Ages without End. ObjeB:. ;. Infinite Goot/11efl may as foon ceafi · to be, as not be gooil at att, to withhotd Mercy from any. Every Being of reprobate Men and Devils is a Fruit of God's Goodnefs, but of Free-goodnefs, elfe God Jhould ceafe to be, if he :fhould turn his Creatt}res to nothing, for he lhould ceafe to be p;ood to Things without himfelf, if thefe were all turned to their voor Mother-nothing. z. Mercy flowC"th not from God effentially, efpecially the Mercv of Converfion, Remiffion of Sins, Eternal Life, b'ut of r;nere Grace; for then God could not be God, and deny thefe Favours to Reprobates: Freedom of Mercy and Salvation is as infinitely fwr"ct and admirable in God, as Mercy , and Salvation itidL _ Objetl:. 4· JJut God is (o ~JJentiaUJ gootl to all, as he muft commur:i~ate hij· GrJodnefs by •rvay of.7u- (lir;e, in order to (ree Obedienre, ancl tbat is Life eternal .to th!J'fe ~ho jreety betie·ve t!nrf obey. Anf. But the: great Enemy of Grace, Ja, Arminius te~Gheth us, that all the Freedom of Grace, ROIJ! 9· 15