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~~ The Trial and SERM. 4 Obj. 8. Ail the World loveth me. Anf.You are the liker to be a Step-child of JerufaJem and of .Heaven; for, the Wortdloveth its own, John 15. J 9· Better it were to have the World a Step-mo:- t-her, than to be no oth~r, butto ly in fuch a Womb, and fuck fuch Breafts.. . O~j. 9· I believe Life eternal. Anf. That Faith is with-child of Heaven; but fee it be not a falfe ~irth: !Jew or none come to Age, and no~e clothed , 'In Whtte, and crowned, but they were Jealous of their Faith, and feared their own Ways. Natur~l ¥~n ftapd aloof froQl Hell and Vv tath. SE R M 0 N IV. J ·\ The Woman was a Greek, a Syxophoonician by Nation. MucH Wo is denounced by the Prophets a- . gainft Tyrus and Sidon; · yet fweet .7efus prawet h. by the Curtain, and openeth a Window of the Partition, and faTeth this Woman. Lo here Chrift plnnting in tile lflildernefs, the Cedar, the 8hittah 'Lree, the Myrtle, the Oil 'I'ree, lfa. .If. I. Y 9, And hert", Ifa. 55. l3· is fulfilled : And in fiead of tke thorn (what better <>.re Sidonians than Thorns? )foatl come up the Fir-tree, and in (lead of the :Bryar.fbaJt come up the M..vrtle4ree ~·(And no Praife to the Ground, but to the good Husbandman~) And it jhall be to tl1e Lordfor a Name, f?r ltn evertajling .$ign, that .fhaU not be cut off. Chrtft then can make and frame a fair Heaven out of an ugly Hell, and out of th~ knottieR: Timber h~ can make Vdfds of Mercy for Servke in the high Palace of Glory. I. Wha;t are they a1l, who are no 1 w . ~ o-