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StRM. 2- Trittmph of Faith. 23 glorified? The faireft Face that ft.andeth .be~ore the Throne of Redeemed Ones, was once mk d and black'd with Sin: You fhould not know Paue now, witA a Crown of a. King on his Head; he looketh not now like a J3tajphemer, a Per'{ecutor, an injurious Perfon. The Woman th~t had once fev~n· Devils in her, is a Mary Magcfatene far changed; and Grace made the Change. 2. Grace is a new World, He!i. 2. 5. The Land of Grace bath two Summers in one Year, Ifa. 33· 24. The Inhabitants jbatt not fay, I anz jick ; the People that d·wett therein,jbalt be forgiven their Iniquity. J ol:n 1 I. 26. Whojoever liveth, ane! betieveth in me,jhalt never die. They are not mortal Men that are in Grac~; there's neither S1cknefs nor Death in that Land. 3· We fay of fuch a Phyfician, He hath cured Difeafes that never :Man could, he cured ftark Death ;then you may commit your Body to him, he is a tried Phyfician, 1'1tm. 1.16. Cbrifthath made a curious Sa.mplar of Mercy of the Apoil:!e Paul;fot in him he bath fhewn dl tong-fuffering.for tt Pattern to them that jhoulrJ hereajte1' believe in him to Life Eternal. Heaven is a Houfe full of Miracles ; yea, of Sped:ac1es and Images of Free Grace. You ma•y intruft your Soul, with all its Difeafes,to Chrift;he bath r.:iven many rarePr0ofs of his tried Art of Grace; h~hath made many black Limbs ot Hell, fair Saints in Heaven; fuch a l\1an, fuch an Artificer threw down an old Dungeon of Clay, and made it up a fair Palace Gf Gold. • Obj. :But what am 1, a Lump of unrepenting Guiltinefi an4 Sin, to foch a Vef!el qf' Mercy as holy Paul, anJ repenting Mary Magdalene? Anf. Grace, as it is in God, and Fitnefs to receive Gra'e in us, is jufl alike to all. There was no more ReaB 4 fon \,