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~4 The Trial and S £..R M. 1fon why PaM fhould obtain Mercy than why thou, or any other Sinner like thee, fuould obtain Mercy. Ther~'s alike Reafon for me to have noble and broad Thoughts of the rich Grace of Chri111 as for Abraham, Mofts, :JJavitf, all th'e Prophets and Apoftles to believe. There was no greater. R.anfom given by Chrifi to buy Faith and free Grace f0r Noah, :Job and Vaniel to J¥ofe s and Samuel, than to poor and hJ.?ful me: 'tis one Caufe, one Ranfom, one free Love. If there had ~ nobler and worthier Redeemer died for .ftf(J(es and Paut, than for you and me; and another Beaveq, and a freer Grace purchafed .to them, than to me ; I fhould have been @.ikourage.-d: Grace is Grace to thee, as to meek Mofes; Chrift is Chrift to theel as to believing Abraham. And further, The fame Grace that is her~, is in He~ven; 1. As I<'aitllthat ' is freely given us, is the Conqueft of the pew Heir Jefi1s Chrift, .7ohn 6! 44· Pl:Jit. 1. 29. Eph. I! 3~ io are all Chrift's Bracelets about our Neck in Heaven, and the Garland of Glory, the free Grace of God: ~Tis the fame Day-light when the Su11 · breaketh forth Otlt of the Eaft, ~nd at Noon-day in the highdl: Meridian: Tho' we change Places when we die, we cb~nge :not Husbands. z.. We ftand h~re by free Grace, Rorn. 5. z. Rep~ntance and Remiffion of Sins are fre~ly given here to If r-;tel by the exqlted Prince Chrift J efns~ .Ac1s 5· 3} · Our Tears are bpught with that corpmon Raniom; fo the high Inns of the Royal Court o( Heaven, is a free and open Houfe, and no Bill put up-' on the Inhabitants ; neither Fine, nor Stent, nor E:xcife, nor Affeffment, nor Taxation, all is upon the Royal Charges of the Prjnce of th~ K1f!gs of t\le Earth: 'fhere is ~9 more Hire, Merit, Wa- - -ges,