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SERM· 4 Trtttmph of Faith. _ _ ~7 Confcience awakened 1s filent: 'tis a Prophecy, what God's Fire doth effectuate; which you have, Ho[. 5· 1 5· In their Ajfiiftion they "..Vitt feek me early. 3· yve muft be made like Chrift in the ~rofs aml the Crown, z'Itm.z.I :.. and conform to htm, R 29. Chrift is the Corner-ftone, tho' there was no Sin in him, yet before he was made the ChiefCorper-fione, he was by Death hammered, ABs 4· !o, 1 r, 1 2. And much more, the Strokes and Sm1t1ng of the Crois mnit knock down all the Superfluity ~ of NaughtineiS, and every Height, till by fmoothing and clipping, the Child of ~od be made a Stone, in Breadth, Length, ProportiOn, Smoothnefs, fome Way c~nform-ro the firft Copy, and to Chrift the Sarnplar-ftone. There is a 4th Reafon, but 'tis a controverted one, The juftified Perfon may b.e afflieted fc>r Sin: Some teach that this is Popery, to .affirm, That the J nfrified·btar the Punifhment of their Sin; becaufe, Chrift only was wounclecl for our Iniquity, ancl dicl bea'r, in his own 1iocly, our Sins on the Tree; therefore, (fay they) RejpeB feemeth to be had ( a.s on~ jpeaketh) to Sin, not principaUy, but ficunrJarilv ancl occafionatty; not _ ps it offendeth Gocl, (who by tbat one Sacrijil-e is for ever pac~fierJ, Heb. 1 o. 1 4· Marth. 3· but as it (Jjfemfeth and clifeafeth the Minrfs ofthe Faithful; not that .Affii8ions jimpty, property anr! immediately rfo ec:ft, quiete ami cure the Con{cience; {for their natural Effec1 i~ to dejeB and terrify, · as Appendi:;(es of the Law) but tbat they awaken ancl flir up our :Dulnejs, lto a tively Apprehenflon ofChr·~(J;'s Righte~ufnefs: Ancl (o ~while Goi!, ~es a ~Father, corret1etb for Sin, Sin bath not property rzvitb God, t!Je Nature of Sin,whichis an Offence of ~i'z;h;e J ujlice; but is conjicienJ as a ':D~feafo troubling 1 l