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l.8 The Trial and SERM. 1- 'troubtlny; his Child; which in Love, and in Pity, he feeketh to make Riddance of, in Afanner ~tforefaid, and not in Anger and :lJijpteafiJre. 'Tis true, Papijls hold, That when God for- .giveth Sin in 'IJavid, he forgiveth not .the Punifhment; for :IJavid is puni fhed with the Sword on his Houfe for that fame Sin: But 'tis known, that this Dotl:rine is a Too-fall and Pillar to underprop the Chan1ber in Hell, which they call Purgatory; and that their Meaning is, That Punifhrnent in. ~ fl.itled on a juftified Perfon, is a Punijhment fatisfaCiory ro the .7ufif(e of God: That fo they may make the Merits of the Saints Suffering, to ride up as a collateral Sharer with the high and noble Blood of the ki1led Lamb of God, who only, farisfaB:orily, taketh away the Sins of the \Vorld, This we difclaim : But on the other Hand, we hold, That there is another J uftice in God, than that legal and Sin-revenging J ufbce, which Chrifl:'s s~fferings have expiated amJ fully fati1!.fied, b~th in Regard of God's Acceptation, and of the mtrinfical Worth of the Death of him who was God, the Prince of Lif~. And this other J uftice, is alfo the J uftice of an offended Father, correcting, tho' i n Mercy, ( and fo it _is a mixt J uftice) the Sins of the Saints, as Sins : 1. Becaufe the Sins of the Saints are not only the <1ffending of Divine revenging J uftice, but . alfo a Wrong done agai~it th~s mixt J uftice, and againft the Mercy and Kmdceis of Gcd, 2. Sam.u. 7, 8, 9· Exad~ zo. 1, z. Pfatm 81. 6, 7, IO, II ._ and 88. II, IZ, 13, 42, 53, 54, 55, 5~· ~CUt. j2. II, I2, q, 14, J5, I6, I_i, I~. -Amos 3.. 2. Ane therdore God doth pun1ih, ~n his own, Sins as Sins•. +.. 1 Cor. 1 r. Thoie whc are not to perilh with , · the