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' 36 The Triat and SiRM. 4 Wind to rnal;:e it take Fire, and to :Aame up feme are burnt, and they neither hear nor fee · there's a white Powder that burneth and maketh' no- Noife or Sound; a dumb Rod is twice a Rod. we fcarce :fee what God is doing in this War, we are finitten of God in the dark, and fo wicked Men do n~ver corn~ lawfully out of AffiiEtion, they fee not God nor Sm, and for that cometh not out of Prifon by the King's Keys, but they break the Goal; and leap out at a vVindow;the Land is to fe-e all the Circumftances of this bloody War in thefe three Kingdoms. · Ufe 2. We are to put a Difference between God's affiiB:ing one Man, ond a whole Church: Now, God hath his Fire in our ·Zion, and we wonder that \Vars have lain on Germany twenty lix Years, and that for divers Years the Sword has been on us in thefe Kingdoms. I. There be many V eifels to be melted, a Fire for an Afternoon, or a War for a Morning of a Day, or a Week, canflot do it. Seven Days Sickneis of a dying Child putteth 'IJa- 'Vid to go :fdtly and in Sackcloth: Years are little enough to humble proud Scotland and hn~Jand. God hsmbled Jfrdet fimr hundred Years and above in E'?:ypt, and kept them forty Years in the \Vi]dernefs: and :Judah. muft ly :finoaking in the Furnace feventy Years. 2. One Temple was forty fix Years a building, God hath taken eighty Years 'to refortl} Enrz:tand, and many Years to refOrm s_cotland, and the Temple is not built yet;· give to our -Lord Tim~, Hope, and wait on. 3· 2:iabylon is a great Cedar that cannot faH at the firft Stroke, 'tis not a Work of one Day or a Year, to bring that Princefs, the Lady of Nations from her Throne of Glory, to fit in the ZJufl, and rake the ldiljlones aNd grind Meal. S E R-