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SERM. 5 Triumph of Faith. 3 7 SE R 11 0 N ··v. VExed with a '7Jevil, d'cttp..ovl~fiTctl, She ' ~s deviled, that is, fully pofleifed: The Mal1ce _of the Devil is a natural Agent, and worketh ~s mtently and bendy as he can, as agens maxtmU'J!Z quod fie, the Fire putteth forth all it.~ Strength m burning, the Sun heateth and enlightneth as vehemently as it can: A Mili1one f:'lllen fi-om the Sphere of the Moon, down to the Earth, ufeth no Moderation or Abatement in its Motion: The Ma - lice of Hell being let loofe, it worketh Mifchief by Nature, not by Will. Satan's Poifet'non is 'full, Peter faith to Ananias, AB:s 5· 3· JFhy bath Satan fitted thine Heart to ly azainft the Holy Ghoft ? As there is a Fulnefs of God, Eph. 3· 1 9· fo there is a Fulnefs of the Devil, as Rom. I. 2 g. being jilted with att _Unrig!Jteoufolefs. It 'is no Wonder that Cavaliers and Malignants work as their Father, the Nature of the Father is in the Son, modus operandi fequitur modum effindi, the Manner of, working is fuitable to the Nature of the Worker, Hell works like Hell, Jer. 3· 5· :Behold thou haft JPoken, and done E t ·it as thou coutd.ft. Ifa. 5. 18. TJ:;e,y drew Sin and Iniquity, not with a RuJh or a Thread, but with Cords of Vanit_v, and with a Cart-rope. Mic. 7· ' 3· 'They do Evil 'lJ.' ·lth both }lands earneflly. All that Malice and Hell could do of Cruelty to Young and Old, to Women and fucking Infants, bath been done in Ireland and Engtancl: The Devil in his Element is 'twice a Devil, he is in his own when pe formeth and atl:uateth bloody Jnftruments, and he aboundeth in his own Sphere; Satan's , Malice., c 3 it . . 4 •