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SER·M. s · Triumph of Faith. 39 ?v1en an inbred moral Love of the Devil, as he is a fallen Spirit, tempting to Sin ; here_ every Prif(mer lovcth this Keeper, like loveth hke, broken Men ana Bankrupt flee together to Woods and Mountains : An Out-law loveth an Out-law, Fowls of a Feather flock togeth~r, the Devil and :finful Men are both broken Men, and Out-laws of Heaven, and efone Blood; wicked Men are, 1 .7ohn 3· 10. 'Lhe Children of the Vevit, they have that natural Relation of Father and Son: There's oi the Devil's Seed in Sinners, there's a fpiritual Concupifcence in Devils, to luft aga~nft God's I!llage and Glory, and Satan findeth ' hts own Seed m us by, to wit,Con~upifcence, a Stem, a Sprouting, and Child ctf the Houfe of He 11. It were good we knew our own Mifery, the Man refolveth a Prifoner has a iweet Life, who loveth his own Chains, becaufe made of Gold, and hateth them not becaufe Chains, and falleth to paint the Walls of his Dungeon, and to put up Hangings in his Prifon, and will but over-gild with .Gold his IronFetters. Oh ! are we not in Love with our own Dungeon of Sin? And do we not bear a Kind Love to our Father the Devil ? vVe bring in Pro- 1 vi:fion for the Fldh, and nourifh the OJd Man, as ·old as 'fince Adam firft finned. Alas, we never faw our Father in the Face, we love the Devil as the Devil fallen in Sin, but we fee him not as a Devil, but only under the Embroideries of golden and filken Temptations, we iow to the Fleih, we inn our Crop to the Devil, but we know not our Land-lo~·d; and becaufe Senfe and Fle/h are nearer to us than God, we deft re more the Liberties of State, fi·ee Comm(\rce, and Peace with the King, • than Cbrift's Liberties, the Power and Purity of C 4 the ' •