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' 4 6 The Triat a;td SER.M. 6 of the Saints, is not tied to the Law of Modeftv: , Hunger cannot be afhamed, Pfalm 55· 2. I mourn in my Complaint, and ·make a ~Toife, faith <JJavid, and Hezekiah, Ua. 38. 14. Like a Gran, or a Swallo,;zv; fo did I charter ; I did mourn as a :ZJove, Job. 30. z8. I went mourning czvithout tbe Sun ; I flood up. (and) and I cried in the Conf.regation. 2. Though God hear Prayer only as Prayer offered in Chrift, nor becaufe very fervent; yet Fervour's a heavenly Ingredient in Prayer, an Atrow drawn with fuH Strength hath a ip\_edier lffue ; therefore the Prayers of the Saints are expreffed by crying in Scripture, Pfalm 22. 2. 0 my God, I cry,by Vay, and thou heareft not. Pfaln1 1 55. 1 7. At lvoon will I pray, and cry aloud. Pial. 18. 6. In my :lJiftre(s I cried to the Lord. PfaJni 88. q. Unto th(e htz-ve I cried, 0 Lord. Pfalm 130. 1. Out (If tl:~e c_nepths have I cried. Jon. 2. 2. Out ofthe :Belly of He!Z I cried. Pfalrn z8. 1. Unto thee c;_vill I CrJ', 0 Lord, my Rock. Yea, it goeth to fomewhat more than crying, :Job I 9· 7. I cry out of wrong, but am not heard. Lam. 3· 8. At- .fo when I cry and fhout, hejhutteth out my Pray- . er: He who may teach us all to pray, fweet Jeius, Heb. 5· 7· In the 'IJays of his F1ejh offered up Prayers and Supplications, with.ftrong crying_ and 'Tears, he prayed with war-fhouts. 3· And thefe Prayers are fo prevalent, that God anfwereth thep-t, Pfatm 34· 6. This poor M'm cried, and the Lord heard, and faved him from all his Fears, Pfal. 18. 6. .21{)' Cry came before him, e·ven to his .Ears: The Cry addeth Wings to the Prayer, as a fPeedy Pojl{ent to Court upon Life and CZJeath, Pfal. 22. 5, Our Fathers cried unto thee. anJwere aflivered. Pid. 34.. J. 7· The Righteous Cl)', and the