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SERM. 6 Triumph of Faith. . 47 tbe Lord hcareth. We all know the Parable of the poor Widow, and the unrighteous Judge; if the Opprdfed be not deljvered, Chriit and his Father, and Heaven Ihall hear of it. Hence, 4· Importunity i·~ Pr~ying,_ I will not l~t thee go (faith :Jar: ob to hts Lord) nil thou bleis me: So .7ames calleth it, Chap. 5· ver. I 6. Pra~yer p~f/ejfed ~·itb a Spirit, but a good Spirit Prayer, fleded with Fervor of Spirit, fo fervent that =zJavid is like a Poft, who layeth by three Hodes as _breathlets; his Heart, his 'I'hroat, his E_'Ves, Pialm 69. 3· I tmz weary of m_'ty crying, my Threat is dried, mine Eyes fait, white I wait for my God. 5· There is Violence offered to God in fervent Prayer, E'xod. 2 2. 1 o. Mofes is aniwered when he is . wreftljng with God by Prayer for the People, Now therefore let me atone, that my Anger may wax hot againfl him: Let me atone, is a Word of putting violent Hands in any: There be Eones and Sinews in fuch Prayers. by them the King is /Jetd in his Gatteries, Cant. 7. 5. Objett. I. :But if fo be that Prayers mufl b~ fervent, even to vocal cr1ving anrl j;outing, then I cannot pray, who am often (o confounded that I cannot JPeak one Worrl. An f. So was the Serv,ant ?f God, in a fpiritual Kind of Praying, in utte;fmg the Pfalm 77· when he faith, ver. 4· '.Thou holckfl nzine EJes waking, I am fo troubled that 1 cannot /Peak ; yea, Groaning goeth for Praying to God, Pfohn I oz. 20. 'I'he Lorrl looker/ clown from Heaven, to hear tbe Groaning of the Prifoner. Rom. 8. 26. The Spirit interceerfeth for us with Sif!;hS that cannot jpeak. Faith doth figh Prayers to Heaven, Chrift receiveth Sighs in his Cenfer for Prayer: 'lYords are but the Body, the Garment ~r •'