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S.trRM. 6. Tri~tmph of Fflith_. • . 49 break out at the Wmdow, when the Dootisdofed; as Smoak venteth at the Window, when the Chim- ' ney refuieth Paffage; Stepben looked up· to. ~eaven, A[Js 7· 55· He fent Foft a greedy, p1t1~ul, and hungry Look up to Chrift, out at the ~'mdow; at the neardl:: Paffage, to tell a po0t Fnencl was coming up to hini. 2. I would wifh no more; if I were in Hell, but to fend a long Look up to Heaven : There be many Love-looks of the Sai?ts, I ying before the Throne, in the Bofom of Chnfl : The Twinklin2: of thy Eyes, in Prayer, are not loft to Chriit ~ elf€ Stephan's Look, :David's Look fhould not be regiftred fo many Hundred Years in Chrift's written Tefl:ament. \ Objett. 5· Alas! I have no Ej·ei fo look up z The Publican, Luke 18. ' looked do·v<W to tbe Earth; and what Sen{es [pirituat have I to fond after Chri(t. Anfw. There's Life 2<1ing in and out at thy ·Noftrils: 1 Breathing is Pr~ying, and taken off our Hand; as trying in Prayer, Lam. 3• 56. :lhou haft heard my 17oic'e, hide not thy Ear tlt my_ :Breathing, at my Cry. . ObjeB:. 6. I have but a bard Heart to offer to , God in Prayer, and <Z.vbat can I .faY the'f!, .-..vanting att praying CZJijpojition ? Anf r. Therefore pray that yo1:1 may pray. 1.. The vei'y Afpect~ and naked Prefence of a d~ad Spirit, when there is a little vocal Praying, is acceptable to God; or if · an overwhelmed Heart refufeth to come, 'ds befi: to go apd tell Chrift, ar.d l,"equeft him tO come· a_nd fetch the Heart himfelf. . S· Little qf Day1Jght cometh before the Bun, the be'fl Half 21f it is un~ler. Ground, Rom. 8: 21 '3· Tf'"e om·feZ.ves groan wtthtn ourfelves: All 1s here tranfaB:ed in our own Heart; the Soul crieth, ' 0 when wit{my D Fatf;er . )