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SER·M. 6 Triumph of Faith. . 5i c.-Body, had been made of Prayer. .The_Reafons. of broke!l Praycr are often? 1. The Hafbnefs of !he Affecrions, not the Hafhnefs always of Unbel tef; I (a. z.8. 16. bn~ often of Faith, z. Pet, 3· i o. Love andLonging for Chr~(l have EaglesWings;and. Love flieth, whe-n Words do but creep as a Snail~ ' i. It conierh fi·om a Delict in _the AffeB:ions (they are . broke~ as a too hig!J-bended Bow) that th.::re is a fwoonmg and Del1tt of Words: Every Part of a Supplication td a Ptince is not a Supplication ; a poor Man; out of Fear, m~y fpeak Nenfenfe, and broken Words that cannot be underfiood by the Prince; but Norifenfe in Prayer,· when' Sorrow, Blacknefs, and a dark over-whelmed Suirit diB:ateth ·words, are well known in, and h~ve a good Senfe to God :· Therefore, to fpeak morally, Prayer being God's Fire, as every Part of Fire is Fire; io here, every broken Parcel of Prayer is Prayer : So the foreloril _Son forgot the Half of his Prayers; he refol ved to fay, L-uke 1 5. 1 9· Make n2e as one of thy hirer] Servants; but 17. z. x. he prayeth no iuch Thing; anrl y et his . Father jell on his Neck! kijJe(J him: A Plant is a Tree in the Potency ; an Infant,- a Man ; Seeds of fa ving Grace are· faving Grace; Prayer is often in the Bowels and Womb of a Sigh; though it come not out, yet God heareth it as a· Prayer, Rom. 8. 27. Awl he ' that fearcheth the Heart, knoweth what i• the Afind of the Spirit, becauje he maketh Intcrcej]ion for the Saints according to the JPitl of Got!. P~aJ~ 1 0 . q. Lord, tbou hafi heart! the 'IJejire of the Humble. Defires have no found with Men fo as they come to the Ear; but with God they have a Sound, as Prayers have : Then when otherS' cannot know whAt a Groan meauc:th, God know.. D 2. erh •'