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i:;;: ,i; 56 · The Trial and SERM. 7 Chrift is the Party here; f~ Chrift hath a fevenfold Relation: l. As he is more than a Creature he is the Covenant itfdf. 2. As he dealeth be~ tween the Parties, he is the Meifenger of the Covenant. 3· As he faw and heard, and teftifiet4 aH he is the l'f!ttnejs of rhe Covenant. 4· As he un~ dertaketh for the Parties at Variance, he is the .Surety of the Covenant. 5· As he ftanrleth between the contrary Parties,he is the Mediator of tbe Co:venant. 6. As he figneth the Covenant,and clofeth all the Articles, he is the 'Iejiator ofthe Covenant. 7. As he is a Side, or the Halfofthe Covenant, he is the Par~y contra8ing in the Covenant. For the Firft, Jfa. 42. 6. I J!;ave thee for a Covenant of the People, for a Light of the Gentiles, Ifa. 49· 8. I will preferve thee,. and give thee for' a Covenant of tbe People. Canft, God and Man, :is all the Covenant : 1. Becaufe he is given to full.. f'il the Covenant on both Sides. 2. He is the Covenant in ab(tra8o: He's very Peace and Reconcili:ation itfelf, ]J1ic. 5· 5· And this Man jhall b~ the Peace, wben the 4/.hrian jhall come into our Land: As Fire is hot for itfdf~ and all Things hot for it, and by Participation; fo thou art fo f'ar in Covenant with Chrift, as thou haJt any Thmg of Chrift ; Want Chrift, and want Peace and tl~e Covenant. ~- J11at. 3· 2. The Lord wh01n Jle feek, fhalt ji-tddent!Jl come to his 'Iempte_, even tbe J.1f.:J/enger or Anget of his Covenant, whom !Jle delight j/7. Chriit traveleth with Tiding~ between the Pawes. 1. H~ reporteth of God to us, tbat it is his Father's FVitt tJJat we be /ttved, Jolm 6 39· z. Chrifl: reporteth of himfelf; for it fetteth Chr~ill: to , be a Broker tor Chrift ; and W ifdom to cry m the Streets,