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58 ~The Trial and SERM. 7 People. Rev. 1. 5· 'I'he faithfitt Witnefs and 3· J4· '.the Amen, t/Je faithful and true Witnefs. The Covenant faith, I. 'I he Son of lt1an came to feek and to fa·ve the loft, Luke I 9· 1 o. Amen, foit/1 Chrifl, I can witnefs that to be true. z. Chrift died and roie again for Sinners: Amen, faith the Witnefs, ./ol1n 1. I 8. I was dead, and behold, I ti ve for evermore. Amen. Chrift putteth his Seal to that: This is a true and faithful Saying, 'I'/Jat Chrift .7eft~s came into the IVorld to die j~r Sinners. I can fwear that is true, faith Chrift. j. The ,World Jha 11 ltave an End, (faith the Covenant) and Time Jhall be no more. , Ji'Y him tbat /ivet b for e'l;er anrl ever, who created Heaven and Earth (faith thi-s Angel-witnefs, Rev. xo. 6.) that is rnoft true, 'Time .f/Jall be no more. It is' ~ Controverfy to the World, if Eternity be coming: Chrift endeth the Controverfy with an Oath. 4· Chrift Jhall _ judge the World, and all fhall bow to ~e: This Amen of God, faith that's trut:·, Rom. 1 4· xr. Fo~ as it is written, As I ti~e, faith the Lord, every Knee .Jhatl bow to me. The Covenaut of Works had a Promife; but becaufe it was, 1. ConditionaL 2. To be broken and done away, it had no Oath of God, a~ this bath. 0 doubting Soul-! thou fayeft, that thy Salvation is not fure. Why? And 'tis a 1\vorn Article of the Covenant ; thou ·haft Chrift's great Oath on it. Alas! God loveth not me: Haft thou the Son ? Thou haft a true Teftimony it is not fcl : And Prov. 1 4· 5. A faithful f17itne(s witl not tie. Chrift has Caufe to remember that thou art faved : _He beareth the Marks of it in his .Body. Atheift! thou fayeft, Whoknoweth t!Jere's a Heaven and a llett? Why, the Wit4 neiS of the Covenant [aith J was in both, and fa w both. 4· Heb.