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6o 1 The Trial and SERM. 7 l1e hath God's Heart for Man) to be gracious and {i1tisfy Mercy ; and a Man's Heart for God ;o fatis(y J uftict'. 2. Of a Reconciler, to make Two One, to bring down God to a Treaty of Peace · to tak~ him off Law, and h_igh Demands of L~w, whtch fought perfonal Satlsfa.B:ion of us J and in hi~ Body, to br~ng us up !o God by a'Ranfom pa1d; and by gtvmg us Fa1th, to draw near to his F;nher: So he may fay, S~1er and Spoufe, come up now to my Father, and your Father, to my God, and Jour God; and Father, come do<rvn to my 'Brethren, my f{indred and Flejb. 3· He is a. common Servant to both~ God's Servant, in a hard Piece ofService as ever was, .!fa. 52. I 3· and 42. I. 2Jehold my Servant. and 53· I r. ..J{y righteou;· Ser·vant ; yea, and our Servant, 111atth. zo. 28. He came nor to be ferved, but to Jerve, and J;ive his Life a Ranfom for many: Alas! both Parties did fmite him, Ifa. 53· I o. It pteafed tlte Lord to bruife him, Rom. 8. 3 2. God jpared not his own Son; and the other Party, his own :finote him. .~.l1atth. zr. 3~- '1his is the Heir, come tet us kilt him, (fay they) and feize on the Inheritance. This was cold Encouragement to fweet Je~ Jus. If it had been referred to us, for Shame, we could not have asked God to be a fuffering Mediator for us. There is more Love in Chriit, than Angels and Men could fathome in their Con~eptions. 6. The Covenant is the Teftament of our dead Friend Jefus; he died to confirm the Teftament, Heb. 9· 16, 1 7. Every Blood could not feal the Covenant: Chrift's Blood, as dying, fealed rh: e- , ~erlafting Covenant, Heb. 1 3· :.o. It b(:th expiat- ~d the Sins of the ·covenanters, and alio brought back