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SFRM. 7 Triumph of Faith · , . 6r back the great Shepherd of_rhe Sheep from J?eath_~ For Chrifi having once pa1d Blood, and d1ed, lt was fi·ee for the Surety to come out ofPrifim, when he had paid t~e Sum. 7. The Seventh Relation of Chrifi, maketh Wa.y - to the Parties: And here Chrifi cometh under a double Confideratioo, one as God; io rhe is one w1th the Father and Spirit, and the I.ord .and the Anther of the Covenant. 2. As Mediator,and io he is on our Side of the Covenant: Then is the Covenant made by Chrift, and all his Heirs and Af- :fignies, principally with Chrift, and with Abraham's Nature in him; but perfonally with Believers. I. The Scripture faith io, Gat. 3· I 6. :lhe 'Promije .(or Covenant) is made to Abraham and to his Seed : he faith not, and to Seeds, as of many, but as of one; And to thy Seed, which is Chrift. I grant, Jieza, Piflator, and many expound Chnft, for myfhcal Chrift ; for (fay they ) it cannot be meant of Chrift perfonally, for fo it fhould fight with the Scope of Paut, who proveth1 the Promife of Life eternal to be made to all Believers, 2. It fhould follow, That Life eternal is given to Chrift only: But, with Leave, this is not fure; for the Truth is, the Promife is neither made to Chrift's Perfon :6ngly con:fidered, nor to Chrift Myftical; for, I. The Promife is made, to Chrift, in whom the Covenant was confirmed, v. 17. 2. In whom the Nations were ble{fed, v. 14. 3· In whom we recejve the Promife of the Spirit thro' Faitb. r4. 1Vho ~vas made a Curfe for us; v. 1 ~· Now, not any of thefe can aeree to Chrift rnyffical, Chrift mvftical did not ~)nfirm the Covenant nor giv~ the SJpirit, nor was he made a Curfe, bu: Chrift Mediator is he to whom the Promifes are made,