Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

C H AP.I. Epillle to the The.ffanians. W a R. TO . efpef?`iuely to others. des, that were lr g nature children ofwrath, that wal dafter the fafbien of the world, doing the will of the Help. (re, that by our Cannes crucifiedthe Lord ofLife: Vs,hath this Iefus deliuered.Compare our felues with others. How many millions of men and wo- men bath the Lord Chrift fufFered to perifh in the /late of nature? how many for birth, more noble; for pólicie, more wif e;for riches,excelling more. In behauiour be- fore calling,perhaps more tolerable: yet vs,the leafs of all Saints, the chiefe of all 'inners hath the Lord delivered : mooues not this to thankfulnes? See then the meanes of thy deliverance : himtelfe was made curfefor vs,f ubie- f}ed to the wrath ofGod, to the paynes of Hell, all this ro workc our deliverance : me thinkes we fhould cow euery one fay to our fouies as `David, h jlljfoule prayfe thou theLord,anel all that is within me bleffe his holy Name: borne I was a child of wrath, liued as a vetTell of wrath, being abominable,difobedient, to euery good wor kegs reprobate;yct in the fulneile of time came this Sonne of God,to be borne vnder the Law,to bcarc the curt e of the Law, to delauer my joule from the wrath to come ; my foule, from hell, when hee fi.ff'ered thoufands of others, to pe- ti(h euerlaf+ingly vnder guilt of their finncs. Secondly, it teacheth vs,fairh Zachary,to dedicate our Noes to f rue this leíse ,cheerfully, in holine [re and righte_ oufnefe all the day es of our life. Monfirous is the abufe of this mercy of our Sauiour, f}range the turning this Grace ofour God into wanton - netfe:what Argument f b flronvo pert vade to litre to his glorie, as this, that when k-we were ail dead, hee dyed for vs? what one thing more frequentoccaton ofprofanenctle, and difhonouring the Name of our God ? Tufh, what talke you precifcly of holinctTe? Chrill dyed for vs, to faue vs from hell : therefore belike,t hey t'tfolue to cru- cifie him afrefb. To whom I' 4,y, as (Moles to Ifrael, I Doe yee that's requite the Lord, oh foolifh people and ;vn- H 2 máfe ; 99 g Epbe¡'s. 3 h;a. ¡LOCI. 74)71. k 3 cor.5. r4,t5 lDeut.3a.e.