Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

ö7;i0 2;»-.Ndigt` w; -_ ' s e la', 33. 1608, f t Cor.r r.3 z. 3 CHXP.i, ,inExpofitionvponthe ftrfl VER.IO. to comfort r em in all afi(tions of this life,which they are called to fuller: Ifthey haue receiued to beleeue in the Sonne of God, and haue hearts to obey him. God may vifit thee with.fieknefe in thy body, lode in thy goods,blemifb in thy name,crolTes in thy children, hor. tor in thy confcience;all tiefe to humble t lice. But yet thou arr deli uered from the wrath to come yea bete very erodes tend to this end, a to deliver thy'fotrle from the Pit; we are chaflened of the Lerd, f that we may not bee dam- ned with the world. Thirdly,the duties it inftrufts vs vnto,are many : the mayne is, thanikefulneffe, to the Authour of this deliue- rance. No great recompence for fuck a deliuerance, yet all the Lord requires; all that we are able to render him: yet a dutie of that nature,, that if wee can heartily per - forme ir, we need no better euidence that we are fharers in it.That our dull hsrts may the better be excited here to,reuiew the Arguments the Textaffoords.Where con- fider thegreatnefe ofthe mifery from which we are freed, the wrath to come, th e damnation of Hell, torments cafe - leffe,endlefT'e,and remedikire : the name of hell we iuft- ly tremble at; what thinke wee, lhould wee doe, in the fenfe of the torments ? The Lord,the better to thew vs his rich Mercie in our deliuerance, is pleated fornetimes to caft a Math of this fire into our confcience, the Worme we fo:netime fcelc gnawing and griping there; that lit tle flea- biting,that fhort paine,how inrollerable is it ! 0 thinke then, how rich the mercy of' thy fweet Saviour was, in freeing thee from the extremitie and eternitie of chat torment. Is one houres griping of this Worme fo intollerablc? what is a thoufand yeeres? what is erer- nitie? from this eterna /t wrath, lefrst bath deliueredrhee; and cantt thou not affoord him thankes for fo great a blefling ? Let the next confiderarion be of the perlons, iw1, this terme is doubly confidered:Firft,Abfòlutely: Secondly, re. ommuM0111011111111.01111