Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

C.x AP.i. Epitóe to the Thef aóatssafS. V s R.. I. them to the worke, without doubt of fuccelle to gibe themfelues with inflance,ro their Vocation and Calling: As for many other realós, enough to encourage the moil negligenr,and timorous;fb efpecially for this, that they are allured their labour (hall not be altogether vaine in the Lord.What may encire vs if this will not ?that God hash allured vs,we (hall fáue the foules of his people: he that winneth fatales, i, wife, yea glorious in the light of God. What if it bee our lot, to preach the Golpell, euen where the Name of Iefus was neuer heard of? what if it be a people newer Co deeply drowned in I dolatrie, and profanenefle ? our Miniflery (hall not bee in vaine. And ie how many Arguments of encouragement the Lord bath giuen vs. Firtl, that our f ruice ¡hall bee accepted, whatfbeuertbegTrees be; though perhaps it bee true of vs as of our Sauiour, We h are feat aawellfor the fall, asfar the riling of many in Ifrael. Secondly,not accepted onely, but plentifully =rewarded: Let} any fay, if the illues bee arafwerable,Bernardfaith well,we haue our recompence fecundum laborem, not fecrsndum prouentnm. Secondly,it Ihewes to what caufe we may impute the deadnes of many mens Minif cry in the Church of God; thogh I may not be peremptory, yet this -I think is true, out ofthe grounds forelaid:barrennelle of our Miniflery is a probable figne at leaf}, either of our not fending to the worke, or of our not walking with a right foot to the Golpell. Condemne we then all of bad entrance,or vnfaithful- netle,whofe paines arcfruitleile ? Firft, the fruir of our Miniflcrie is not all ofone fort: there are fome that lay the foundation: k others that build therupon: Tome that plant: others that water.I think I may boldly fay, they are either not fent, or elfe vnfairhfull in their Calling, whofe Minifterie is not in one of there kinds,efl'e&uall. Secondly,the fruit of our Miniflerie is not alwayes manifeil, there may be fruit that is not pre- VI 4 fently 103 s"- f Preu. I to 304 g 7 COY ,a.IS. M Lkk 7.34, i I jai. 49.4 Bernard. i. s e.i 11nfw. k ICeY. 3.6.Io. f<