Schlater - BS2725 S35 1627

pIA";Wriitíl:'9w' `4A``': +',.Ar.,d!'ys ! i I(,in3.rg. r o, î8. m hh.t a4s. n a Icing. t.24. CHAP.2. An Expo¡stionvpon the firy VHR,3 fently difcerned : faith Elias, I 1 oneiy am left ; yet was there a greater ren nanr,7oca. Ioh.1 2. It is noted that among;} the m Rulers there were lome that beleeued in Chrifl, who yet being but Nouices, dull not confecehim. InIezadelshoufholdwasafaithful] n 01adiah; rhinke you he had efcaped with hislife,had he been fo knowne to lez,abel? Laf'<ly, if yet no fruit, yet fooner or later it fhewes it fclfe; God will not alwayes be wanting to the labours of his f'eruants, faithfully and fincerely per- formed. V &RS. 2. But euen after th.rt the had fujfered before, and were fbame- fuly entreated, asye know, at Philippi, 'wee were bold in our god to fpeake vnto you the Go'ell of God with much contention. W5011ow now the helping caufes ormeanes ro the effcacie of Pauls Mini fiery: where ` fluf occurres his holdneffein deliucring Gods Truth ro the people; amphfyed; Fit f }, by the meabureofit, intimated in mentioning the hindering cauf'es rherof, his of et ons. Secondly,by theFountaine whence i tif- f 'Lied : we were told through our Lor. H ence then ter vs note it as one necc¡J"dry prapertie ofa Miniflcrdefirínoto haue his Afinifiery fruitfull, that is, boldn:ffe in del :nering Gods Truth to-his people: the nature of ir thus conceiue our of the Etymon ofthe word,Firft, when a man fpcaks al the 1_0; d commands him to (peak:. As 'Paul kept backe, ° nothing of Godscounfell. Secondly, when with libertíe and freedome of speech he vtrers his meli^age,wirh out feare ofinens faces:f- e it enioyned an _ after a fort explayned, P Goe to all that .1 fend thee rnto : eak,e all that I command theefbe not afraid oftheir feeces. Prayed. OARS 20 .11. P ler,5.738. .,